Turning Marketplace Brands into Brands.

Profound Commerce acquires and scales e-commerce brands. These brands serve enthusiastic customers with highly functional and well-designed products, wherever they shop.

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Profound Commerce Marketplace Brands into Brands
We buy, operate and grow Amazon brands into category leaders.
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Profound Commerce builds marketplace brands into brands. We partner with great entrepreneurs selling great products that customers love. Using this foundation, our operating platform scales brands to new heights.
About us

Operations is in our DNA

Profound Commerce sweats the details. Whether that means inventory health scores, getting product design just right, nailing down voice and tone in marketing campaigns, or figuring out how to reliable move product from factories to the shelves, we live and breathe operations in everything we do.

Our Story
Profound Commerce Ops In Our DNA

Experienced at scaling brands

All of our employees have worked on and for brands that have scaled from 6 to 7, 8 or 9 figures. We know that tactics that succeed inside larger companies aren't always relevant for growing consumer brands. Many of us cut our teeth bootstrapping and growing brands of our own and can help you do the same.

Our Team
Profound Commerce Experts At and Beyond Your Scale
Categories of Focus

Brand building is our North Star

Each of Profound Commerce's brands has a devoted community of enthusiasts who understand the brand's mission. We improve the communities we serve, and in turn create brands with a longer-term legacy.

our CATEGORIES of Focus
Profound Commerce Brand Building As North Star
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Whether you're a brand considering a sale or partnership, a professional wanting to join us in our mission, or just curious about the space, reach out to us to learn more.
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