Profound Commerce helps brands profitably grow.

Profound Commerce is a brand holding company with an employee presence in the US, the Philippines, China and the UK. We implement leading product development, marketing and operational practices to help our portfolio companies profitably grow. Our executive team, investors and advisors represent many decades of experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and logistics.

Matt Howitt and Nirav Bhagat
We began our journey the same way as many of our entrepreneurs -- we jumped straight into deep end of marketplace e-commerce.
Photoshoot with Leah Llenes, Jackie Ponce and Harmie Fernandez
Our employees care about the details: whether pick / pack / shipping, answering customer emails, running growth tactics or pulling together great product photography.

We got our start like many of the marketplace brands we now purchase and scale; we saw the incredible ways marketplaces and e-commerce were democratizing consumer access to smaller brands, and dove head-first into the mix to obtain our "Amazon degree".

We purchased our first small brand in 2018. While others raised (and spent) billions acquiring ASINs, we toiled away at building our brand 'playbook': Growing on Amazon using paid advertising, bootstrapping DTC from Amazon, brand marketing and audience development, streamlining freight forwarding and inventory planning, and much more.

Fast forward four years -- with more than 60 employees, spanning 4 continents, our growing team of experts share the same excitement and curiosity about scaling e-commerce brands as the entrepreneurs who seek us out.

Anna Bourland, Product Development Team Meeting
When they aren't launching new SKUs, members of Product Development share the latest BTS news and proper "finger heart" form.

Our Values

Around the world, our team shares a set of values that describe who we are as a company, and how we fulfill our mission of growing e-commerce brands.

Think Big

Be ambitious and unafraid.

Own It

We are all accountable for our success.

Work Together

Collaborate and build together.

Be Curious

Ask why, because it matters.

Speak The Truth

Put honesty and transparency first.

Experts in e-commerce, digital marketing and logistics

Matt Howitt

CEO and Founder

Nirav Bhagat

CMO and Co-Founder

Foley Schmidt


Brad Buchanan

Brand Management Lead

Kyle Lessmiller

Operations Lead

Anna Bourland

Product Development Lead

Ion Escalante

Philippines Lead

Sanford Wu

Acquisitions Lead

Marc Sourour

Finance Lead

Aneesha Rao

Omnichannel Lead

Fabiano Moura

Yield Management Lead

Joy Wilkes

Audience Development Lead

Moshe Tshuva

Direct to Consumer Lead
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