Healthcare and Wellness

Consumer-directed shopping for health products is an accelerating trend. Profound Commerce's healthcare brands provide consumers with affordably priced medical products the way consumers shop, without compromising on safety and quality. By doing so, our brands help consumers lead healthier lives.


    Patient Aid provides patients and caregivers with high quality and affordable safety and mobility solutions.

“This is a nice heavy duty scale. It is nice looking white with black rubber foot pad. I especially like how it uses a 9-volt, but also comes with the a/c adapter in case you want to use that. For me the 9-volt was the deal MAKER because I don't have an outlet near where I wanted to mount the scale. Very happy with this purchase!”
Jeffrey J
"I never knew about these belts until my husband was getting physical therapy at a skilled nursing home. It has been a wonderful aid in helping me help him with getting up. The snap-in buckle makes it easy to put on him and the handholds in the back are absolutely terrific. I highly recommend this product for safety reasons (for him and my back)."
P. M. Jue
"This pad is very sturdy and waterproof. I am very happy with this purchase. It can easily move a 200 lb person sitting on it and the handles do not feel as if they are going to rip at the seams. A few things have spilled on it and it immediately absorbs the liquid. Great Purchase."
Tiffany Closky
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